Jakiri Imhotep

Vengeful Magus


A tall, long, dark man, he stands over six feet, with tan skin, dark eyes, black hair.


History: Jack was born in deserts of Osirion, the son of a prominent sell sword Magus father and a beautiful noble lady. Jack spent his formative years growing up learning the art of the Magus from his father, but never ventured much beyond his home. Before Jack came of age, his father was hired as part of an expedition into the tombs that dotted the landscape. This was dangerous work, and many never come back alive, but his father succeeded, and his troupe successfully explored and looted the long forgotten tomb. With the riches he procured, Jack’s family was set, living the life of luxury, and his Magus training forgotten.

However, this golden time was not to last. 3 years later, Jack was off galavanting with one of his many lustful flings when disaster struck his home. The tomb his father looted was the resting place of a powerful hibernating demon. By removing the artifact, Jack’s father unknowingly started the demon’s awaking. Deeply vengeful for the theft of of his property, and for being woken up too soon, the demon tracked down the adventurers and slew them and their families.

Jack returned home to witness the death of his parents at the hands of the demon. His mother fell first, targeted by the demon as part of his cruel and twisted ways. She was murdered in front of both, and Jack’s father flew into a rage and attacked, with Jack by his side attempting to fight as well. Unfortunately, the demon vastly outmatched the Magi, and slew his father before him and left Jack with a grievous injury.

Jack might have perished that day, were it not for the timely intervention of a Pathfinder Agent and company. The powerful adventurers drove the demon away, and managed to save Jack’s life, but the demon had already stolen the souls of his parents, and there was nothing that could be done for them.

Jack joined the Pathfinder’s that day, swearing to hunt down and slay the demon that killed his family. They refused to take him at first, but he followed them endlessly until finally they relented. However, due to his single-minded goal as well as general disregard for rules and the safety of his fellow members, he’s been reprimanded multiple times, culminating in his reassignment to Absalom. He’s currently angry and dejected for this move, but rumors from the guild(which could just have been a way to get rid of him) makes him hopeful he may find some information on the demons whereabouts there.

Jakiri Imhotep

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