Ishira Thodimaine

Honorable - Paladin


Tall, muscular, well mannered half-elf. She has long dark hair that she wears braided, olive skinned with freckles, and green brown eyes. She is attractive but not showy, at first glance she is almost average in appearance.


Her father wasn’t hard to please, he loved all his children and their house was filled with laughter and wonderful tales of adventures, honor and justice. With a father so valiant as her own she dreamed of one day following in his footsteps and becoming a Paladin. Her mother was not at all pleased with the idea and constantly reminded her and her sisters of their womanly duties and responsibilities.

Her brother on the other hand wasn’t subjected to the boring lessons of the high born noble lady and while she was perfecting needlepoint he was practicing his swordplay. She longed for the chance to swap places with her brother, for which she now truly regrets ever wishing. It’s funny how quick you are to dream without ever considering the consequences. Although her father never showed disappointment in her after that fateful day where her brother took her place and lost his life, their home was never quite the same.

With her brother gone, pursuing her dreams no longer came with much opposition and she quickly found herself following in her fathers footsteps, his looming shadow engulfing her wherever she went. Somehow now the desire to fill her brothers shoes was no longer to satisfy her need for adventure but instead it become an attempt to give her father back the only son he had.

Ishira Thodimaine

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